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500MG CBD Tincture (Sweet Berry) FULL SPECTRUM

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Are you looking to buy CBD oil online? Look no farther. Buy it Here! Get the 500MG CBD Tincture (Sweet Berry) FULL SPECTRUM while supplies last.

Our cold pressed extra virgin 500MG CBD Tincture (Sweet Berry) FULL SPECTRUM hemp seed oil blend offers all the vital nutrients of the hemp plant. No need to worry about getting high or spiking THC levels on a drug screen. Our product is LAB TESTED and certified ZERO PERCENT THC. Packed with beneficial cannabinoids and multiple terpenes, this natural flavored tincture delivers a lite fruity yet pleasant taste for those who can not tolerate the nutty taste of modern hemp seed oil.

Other manufacturers use clear or plastic bottles. This is a no no! Why? Because over time, FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL can develop crystals from chlorophyll due to heat conduction and exposure to UV sunlight. Our glass bottles are tinted to protect the oil and minimize the harmful absorption of heat and exposure to UV sunlight which causes CBD oil to deteriorate over time. This means our products shelf life is nearly doubled!  

Please do not vape our tinctures, as the formulation and carrier oils must be of a different composition to pass through vape coils and atomizers. Vaping ANY tincture without the correct carrier oil will cause your coils to burn up. Our product is versatile, and can be taken orally, under the tongue, slowly rubbed onto the inside of your cheeks (ON YOUR FACE!!!!), applied topically (on the skin), or add it to your food and beverages. 

Bottle Size 30ML
CBD Content 500MG
Servings Per Bottle 30
Serving Size 1 Dropper = 1ML = 20 Drops / ML
CBD Per Serving 16MG per serving

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